Things you have to bring to the gym

You start thinking about a healthy lifestyle and scheduling regular exercise? Going to the gym can be an option, especially for you who want to be able to exercise anytime with a variety of exercises. Then, the question that often arises is what the hell should you bring when you go to the gym? We advise you to bring the items below. Meanwhile, you can also buy a meal prep bag if you’d like to bring your diet food to the gym.

1. Mineral water

Of course, you do not want sports that do not maximal because of dehydration, right? Bringing your own drinking supplies will make you save more. The price of drinks at the arena gym you visit is usually much higher. 1.5 liters of water supply is usually enough to replace lost fluids for 1 hour of exercise.

2. Towels

Sweat that pours on the forehead can often interfere with your sports activities because it can enter the eye and interfere with the view. So, always prepare a towel near you.

3. Bathrobes and change of clothes

Some arena gyms provide bathrooms for customers who want to shower immediately after sweat after a dry workout. You can try it if you want straight out of the arena gym in a state of fresh and okay.