3 Simple tips for organizing your garage

The garage should be a place to park cars and other vehicles at home. However, because the room is large enough, many residents eventually make this room look like a warehouse. Not only cars and utensils are stored in the garage, but there are also unused items such as shoes, clothing, rusted bicycles, and much more. Meanwhile, you can also check out Garage Master Blog if you wish to buy the recommended toolboxes online.

As a result, goods piled up without rules. Not a little too mixed with the items that are important and still be used.

Actually, the garage is part of the house which also provides an important function and gives the aesthetics of the interior of the house. If not taken care of, this room can give the smell of odor and dirty.

Well, how do I clean up the garage to make it look clean and attractive? We will summarize how to tidy up the garage, which has been launched from various sources:

1. Remove the car, motorcycle, and bicycle from inside the garage

Of course, you want to clean up and clean up the garage, is not it? Well, first of course, of course, remove the vehicle first car, motorcycle, and bicycle from inside the garage.

After that, you can open the garage door width for maximum lighting. In addition, sunlight can also encourage you to tidy up the garage.

2. Separate items according to category

As you know, there are three categories of goods, which can be sold, which are still in use, and which should be discarded.

To make it easier, you can set up three containers that have been labeled all three categories. Then, one by one identified which items are worthy of disposal, still in use, or appropriately sold or donated.

The items that are categorized as unused and can be sold or donated include shoes, clothes, sports equipment, and others.

3. Store items vertically

In order to keep your goods neatly stored, but not ‘eat’ the room. How to save vertically on the wall.

You can store stairs, folding chairs, cleaning tools, and mechanic tools, by hanging on the wall. However, you must first measure the height and width of your garage. Do not let the items that have been installed prevent your vehicle from entering.