Personality Of People Who Eat Pizza In A Foldable Way

The researchers concluded that the way a person consumes pizza can describe a person’s personality. A body language expert from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, took an action and applied it to a DISC psychology theory of personal judgment. The theory centers on four different behaviors: domination, persuasion, submission, and obedience.

There are four distinct personalities-drivers, influencers, supporters, and careful people, who tend to have their own unique way of doing things, even small things. Then, using the same theory, do research on how to eat a pizza that can describe a person’s personality. At this time we will discuss the character of people who eat pizza in a folded way. For people who folded pizza while eating it, it is considered a ‘mover’. They can do many things at one time, they want to eat pizza fast and do other things while eating them. You can get the best pizza from Pizza Hut. Visit our website to know about pizza hut delivery hours.