Buy the high-quality sunglasses for your own health

Glasses now become a necessity for everyone who has problems with minus eyes, plus eyes, and cylindrical eyes. When viewed from the material side, now in buying glasses is not a problem anymore, because many glasses minus, plus, and cylinders are sold freely with various models and very cheap price. However, when you’re looking to buy the high-quality best sunglasses for trail running, you definitely need to buy it more carefully.

Prices are sold glasses are fairly cheap, but whether these glasses can protect your eyes? Are the glasses made of safe materials? If not, you should be prepared to spend more to treat the disruption that will occur to your eyesight, because according to research from daily mail, states that these cheap glasses can increase the risk of permanent vision disorder even the disorder can cause brain tumors.

Sunlight has ultraviolet radiation waves (UV-A and UV-B) that are harmful to the eye. To protect it there are parts of the eyes of the pupils that will shrink when exposed to sunlight. Especially for the correct sunglasses must have protection against UV-A and UV-B above 90%. A person’s eyes wearing sunglasses will lose the ability to shrink the pupil because sunglasses reduce the intensity of light. With the enlargement of the pupils, the UV-A and UV-B rays will enter easily and will lead to cataracts.