The Habits That We Often Do This Makes Teeth So Yellow

Teeth are one part of the face that can support our appearance. If our teeth are yellow, it will be very influential on confidence. In addition, yellow teeth may indicate that our teeth are not healthy. Therefore, dentist marietta advise us to always check the teeth every 6 months.

Enamel, the outermost part of the tooth is generally white to bluish white and while the underlying layer is called dentin, this layer is yellow. Then, why teeth can turn yellow?

One of them is because you use a mouthwash that is too acidic. Actually our mouths should not be dry. Therefore, the function of saliva containing minerals, enzymes and oxygen that can be a pH balance in the mouth can reduce the acid that can erode enamel. Unfortunately today many people who use a mouthwash with high acid levels that can destroy the enamel.

Another habit is eating acidic fruits. Just like a mouthwash that can think of tooth enamel, so any acid in food. These include oranges and lime juice, tomatoes, pineapple, vinegar and sports drinks. It’s good if you directly drink water after eating acidic foods.