Do You Want to Choose the Right Lingerie?

If you have no idea of which hot sexy lingerie lace to choose from, then you come to the right place. Choosing lingerie to be quite complicated for those who are already paired because the woman would not want to also have to adjust the lingerie model to the taste of the man because women want their partner to see himself as an interesting object and arouse the passionate partner. Female body type is very varied and each type of body shape has characteristics and the following are the tips:

Some women are born with a larger body shape at the bottom than the top, usually the size of their hips bigger and bigger than the chest circumference. For this type of body is called the pear shape because apparently that resembles a pear. For the pear body type you should choose a two-piece lingerie model consisting of a bra and a G-string. Lingerie this model will highlight your hip without making your body look not balanced. Lingerie two-piece models such as bikinis also have a variety of variations so you can involve the couple to choose the color variations and patterns.

The body shape with a larger chest circumference than the size of the hip. This type of body shape is called an apple type body that is also the opposite of a pear body. For apple body shape you should avoid lingerie model two-piece bikini and bustier because it will give full effect at the top and seem less symmetrical. Should use baby doll model, if you feel baby doll model is less sexy and challenging you can choose a baby doll made of satin fabric that falls and form a perfect curve.

The shape of the ruler body is those who are tall skinny or skinny. Some people think the skinny body is less sexy in the eyes of men but you who have this type of body do not need to be discouraged precisely if you see the supermodel class Victoria Secret or Vogue all have the skinny body even super skinny that accentuate the beauty of bone line. To get around the body of the ruler to appear more contained when using lingerie, try to use a bustier or corset model.