What you need to know in buying and selling inherited land


Buying and selling land inheritance is an easy matter, as well as the existing buying and selling process. However, the difference is in the taxes imposed on the seller for the sale. If on ordinary sale, the person listed in the land certificate is present to sign the sale and purchase deed. This time buying and selling land inheritance made seller who is the heir of a deceased person. For that, there will be the obligation to pay inheritance tax. Meanwhile, you can Click here for UK landlord information as well.

The existing heirs will be evidenced by the Certificate of Inheritance. For indigenous citizens, the Certificate of Inheritance is made under the hand signed by two witnesses and authorized by the village head and strengthened by the local sub-district head. Meanwhile, for the indigenous citizens of Chinese and European descent, the Certificate of Inheritance is made by notarial deed and for foreign nationals of Foreign Eastern descent, such as Arab and Indian Letters of Inheritance made by Heritage Hall.

Sometimes for certain cases, the Inheritance Certificate is made by a court order or commonly referred to as the inheritance fatwa. Certificate of Inheritance with Court Decision is required especially for the condition of the heirs consisting of many potential disputants. This can happen if the heir is a person with a level that is already far vertically in a familial relationship.

In terms of heirs live in remote locations

If any heirs live in a location far from the object of the land, to sign the deed of sale and sale may authorize to sell a notarial deed or legalization to one of the other heirs. The power of attorney to sell can be made before the notary where the heir is located. The power to sell this cannot be made under the hands alone. Where at the time of the deed of sale and purchase in the presence of the Land Deed Authority, the original deed of power to sell shall be attached.