Understanding the good manners in the UK

If you want to greet someone for the first time, you just do it with a handshake. Eye contact is important to show your sincerity, but excessive eye contact is considered annoying. In England, asking for age and income is considered impolite. When you want to start a conversation with your new acquaintance, you can chat about their news, what they’re doing or comment about the weather. The English may look quiet for the first time, but once you start chatting with them you will find that they are a friendly and pleasant person. In the meantime, don’t forget to take the necessary B1 English test if you want to get the UK visa.

Man and woman

Men and women are seen as equal in England. Compared to Asian countries, relations between men and women in the UK are more informal. How to interact depends on age and status. If for the first time you are still confused, pay attention to people around you, how they interact with each other. You will not take long to adapt.

Table Manner

Table manner in England is quite continental. Use a fork with your left hand and a knife with your right hand. If you have finished eating, show it by pulling your knife and fork to the right of your plate.