Choosing the proper condoms for sex

For the convenience and satisfaction of lovemaking, the husband needs to choose the right condom for him. Sometimes, there are condoms with high thickness but not comfortable when worn. Or when it feels comfortable, but not able to protect perfectly. There are several things to consider in choosing a condom, including sensitivity, comfort level, and the ability of a condom to protect. Instead, choose a condom that is thin and does not reduce the pleasure during intercourse. Meanwhile, you might also want to buy condoms via online shop for more the private purchase.

Condoms should also be fit and comfortable to use and not easy to tear and leak. Then, no less important, the condom should be able to perform its main function is to prevent pregnancy and avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

The basic ingredients of condoms are also influential. Usually, condoms made of latex are preferred.

However, do not use oil-based lubricants because it can damage condoms made from latex and polyisoprene so that its effectiveness is reduced. There are also synthetic-based condoms that are thin but perfectly protective.

In addition, how to use condoms should also be considered. When removing the condom from the wrapper, make sure the condom is in good condition and not hollow and not dry. Before getting in touch, make sure the condom is properly seated.

Using a condom is often the primary choice for couples who want to delay pregnancy and do not want to contract sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV / AIDS. With these abilities, you can have sex peacefully without worry.