Simple ways of eradicating cockroaches

You can make your own insecticide by mixing bath soap or diluted detergent. Put it in a spray bottle. Spray the artificial insecticide into the cockroach nest. If there is a blurry cockroach, then spray the soapy water on the head and lower abdomen. When the cockroach upside down, wear it right in the stomach. The animal is slow but sure will die. However, don’t forget to call London pest control if the cockroach infestation in your home has become too severe.

Soap water effectively kills cockroaches by forming a thin layer of skin pores of cockroaches. So the cockroach will have trouble breathing. As a result of soap surface water tension that is not easily broken, then the cockroach will die out of breath. Immediately dispose of the immobile cockroach in the trash.

In addition, cockroach traps are paper that has a special adhesive. The special smells in trap paper will make the cockroach attracted and approach the trap paper. As you walk past the paper trap, the cockroaches will stick and you can immediately remove the cockroaches trapped in the trash outside the house.

Put a few sheets of paper traps in some places that you often see into cockroach traffic. This method is quite effective to avoid adult cockroaches back into the house.