Not a Sarah Palin sort of maverick – although there are still one or two of those around. NYC has a reputation to live up to. It is the place where dreams come true, and just as many are dashed to the ground. It is the city where you can reinvent yourself time and again with no one to tell you not to.

In a city of over eight and a half million people squeezed into 302 square miles (for those of you who care that’s more than 28,000 people per square mile) it is hard to be different. The chances are 1 in 28,000 that someone less than a mile away likes or dislikes the things you do too.

It isn’t a surprise that those who can afford to create a private building design new york ny grab hold of the chance if they have it.

But even quixotic building has rules. Not necessarily about the design. There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to what it looks like – but how it is built and making sure that it is safe is obviously something that is critical when so many people live onto of each other in such close quarters.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop you finding a way to bring your dreams to life. There’s so many examples of ways in which New Yorkers have brought out their individuality. The building might look the same from the outside, but on the inside New York apartments are as varied as the people who life in them.

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Take a walk through the boroughs you’ll find garden oases, private little sculpture parks and testaments so someone who has created their own square footage. Why not dare to be different when we are all becoming increasingly cloned.