When a tornado occurs, there may be panic and shock. However, you can take charge of the situation and remain safe by fortifying your home or business ahead of time. Do not wait for the tornado to strike to begin taking action – there are several ways you can fortify your building against the wind of a tornado.

Protect Windows & Doors

There are several things you can use to secure windows and doors, ensuring they will not blow off during the storm and windows will not shatter due to debris. For doors, there are tornado resistant doors as well as brace garage doors that can keep the home secure. Windows can be covered with boards, storm shutters, or you can invest in impact resistant windows.

tornado resistant doors

Identify Hazards Outdoors

Anything that can be moved by heavy winds needs to be relocated to a storage area where they cannot be picked up by the wind. Outdoor furniture, large tree limbs, potted plants, and other such items should be removed from the premises. If you notice trees that are too close to electrical lines, speak with a professional about removing those as well so that they do not cause issues with power during the storm.

Reinforce the Roof

The roof is responsible for protecting every valuable item inside your home, so make sure it does not fly away during a storm. If your roof’s integrity is compromised, several unpleasant things can occur, and the damages can be enormous. Reinforce the strength of the roof using hurricane straps and fix any leaks.

Your home does not need to be left open to the elements – protect it by securing windows, doors, large objects, and hazardous items. Keep in mind that tornados can be sudden, so you should always be prepared for one and know how to stay safe during the storm.