What Makes A Golf Course Great

When designing a golf course, a lot of thought and care goes into the process. A lot of people may not consider how the golf resort architect worked their magic to create the course, but they can easily tell the difference between a good golf course and a bad golf course. However, they may not be able to point out the exact reason one is good while the other is bad. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that make a golf course great.


A golf course is not just a piece of land with holes all over it. Courses can be infinitely different and involve several different types of holes and hazards. Using the land provided, a good golf course will have character and a unique feel and personality that others will love. Doing this involve extensive knowledge of the landscape as well as a lot of creativity and scientific knowledge.

Route Plan

The main goal of a golf course, once it is designed, is to give a continuous experience to all participants. Just like a good tailor mend a suit, a routing plan needs to be in place so that the course can blend together without any areas that cause a discontinuation in experience.

A Fantastic Design

golf resort architect

Designing a golf course takes a lot of planning and should be considered making art. Each piece of land has to come together with a common theme as well a sturdy and desirable structure and style. If it does not have any of these things, it can go from great to bad very fast.

Golfing is a great sport and there are plenty of golf courses to practice on in the United States. However, not every course is the same and some are better than others. Be on the lookout for a great golf course in your area.